About the Novel

God’s Cowboys

It is 2217. The United, a conglomeration of nation-states, is managed by a vast, powerful and highly effective resource management system known as MOSAIC. MOSAIC has helped mankind find peace, irradicate disease, made death nearly-optional, made famine impossible, all the while allowing humans to enjoy a pseudo-utopic existence in a virtual world known as Netherica while robots rub nutritional paste on their bodies that coincidentally dyes their skin green.

Aspyre doesn’t spend her time in Netherica. Asypre spends her time leisurely expressing her human nature around the town of New Portland: breaking things and just generally being a nuisance.

This is, in fact, the only way things get any better. Humans are too simply and predictable to care for.

Crossing a line she shouldn’t have, she is punished to work in a gift shop in Old World, a sustainable and enclosed themepark for the remaining natural species of Earth promising humans the only chance in the world of what it is like to experience existence as an “Organic Human”.

There she meets a mysterious man with big ideas. Together they form God’s Cowboys and find new allies along the way to form the group that will shake up the world by solving The United’s greatest mystery: Who exactly is in charge?

A note from J. Adam Lefever:

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