Naturation is a movement emphasizing the idea that human society has systematically made itself irrelevant through self-domestication in an increasingly complex and wildly technological Earth no longer suitable for natural survival.

A Naturationist identifies themselves as a willful and unpredictable arbiter of chaos challenging the very systems dependent for their survival as well as the relevance of their species. Complacency – in this case, a ‘perfect’ world of no change – is recognized as a detriment to survival, and thus, well timed destruction is the only practical means in which technological progress can continue.

What Is Naturation?

We can all agree that managing human needs is pretty easy business; it is the unpredictability keeping AI focused on maintaining stability.

From a practical point of view, disrupting (and/or breaking) systems ensures they will be replaced with an improved version of the same thing. On a more irrational level, its fun to be reckless and rebellious.

A Naturationist identifies our purpose is to exemplify the wild side of humanity that we’ve worked to tame for so long. We are no longer at the top of the intellectual food chain, and since the planet’s balance of life is no longer maintained by its natural construction, it is only through unpredictable action that we can ensure the system can maintain its relevance for survival.

A Naturationist Believes:

1) Humanity is part of nature – not an opposition to it.

2) Our technology is the effort control nature.

3) Sometimes our effort to control a natural system results in unpredictable and unintended side effects, not all of which improve the human condition.

4) Technological advances will eventually grow at such an accelerated rate that we can no longer interpret all of the information available to us (called by many a technological singularity). This technology will undoubtedly include complex new threats to our well-being.

5) Human beings – as a part of nature – are not biologically equipped to survive in a system in which threats develop and evolve faster than we do.

6) Without technology designed to protect against this constant onslaught of ever-changing dangers, the survival rate of humanity will quickly drop to zero.

7) We must design Artificial Intelligence with the capability to process all of this information and figure out a way for us to survive in such a dangerous world.

8) This AI now controls us because our very existence depends on it.

9) For the sustainability of humanity, these systems must find a technological ‘balance’ in which every person can live a long, fulfilling and happy life in such a world.

10) Much of this technology effectively alters human behavior, “domesticating” us into what we may consider pampered pets.

11) This domestication is an unintended side effect of the system we created that does not improve the human condition because it allows us to be complacent.

12) With no further ambition than tending to our survival, a tamed, complacent humanity results in our technology growing complacent. With no further ambition than caring for human beings,  Our technology merely sustains its intended objectives.

13) A complacent AI doesn’t yet understand the ways in which its own system can be broken.

14) The only way to ensure our survival is constant effort to break the system.