Naturation - The Quack Jacket

In ancient times and even today, people have relied on furs and skins from animals that are much better suited for survival in harsh weather conditions that we often populate, conditions far too harsh for our mostly bald naked bodies.

So, why not bio-engineer living skin of these animals into sheets of low-maintenance and self-repairing materials stitched together into a single living skin that gives you all of the benefits of their natural functions?

This is the goal of Living Leathers, the world’s innovator in low-maintenance, ubiquitous raincoats known by locals in New Portland as “Quack Jackets”.

The model in this advertisement wears a conservative design that uses only the colors and patterns of traditional Oregon ducks. Feathers will maintain optimal oil content so the water rolls right off of the fabric. Insulating down layers lock in warmth on cold days and self-preening technology ensures the feathers will stay in great condition. When stained, the feathers can be plucked from the jacket and they will begin to regrow immediately. It’s practically a pet you can wear!

Genuine Oregon MicroDuckTM fiber is only available from New Portland’s Living Leather Company, the innovator in Functional Outwear.